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Iron Strong Jewelry by Tina Tang

Iron Strong Jewelry is a unique collection of handcrafted pieces made by Tina Tang. 

Tina's passion for fitness comes from her devotion to hard work and empowering women alike through her Personal Fitness Training & Jewelry design business.

A quote From Tina!  

"Lauren's face lights up with joy and surprise as she nailed her first pull up. Witnessing that emotion is why I love to train women.
I teach women how to get stronger in their bodies.  That physical strength empowers their souls.  
We can open up our own darn jar tops!

I'm Tina Tang, I'm a personal trainer and jewelry designer.  In both careers, my mission is to empower strong women."






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Workout GirL Iron Strong Extended Butterfly Pole Dancer Necklace
From $99.00 - $104.00
Workout GirL Iron Strong Silver Kettlebell Necklace
Workout GirL Iron Strong Weight Plate Necklace 45LB Mini
Workout GirL Iron Strong Women's Strength Coalition Charity Barbell Necklace
Workout GirL Iron Strong Stud Earrings 45lb Weight Plate
Workout GirL Iron Strong "She Believed She Could So She Did" Necklace
Workout GirL Iron Strong Weight Plate Necklace 45LB